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    Empowering the Cannabis Community


    Cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers —these modern-day industrialists are trailblazing in the booming cannabis industry. Accompanying them and the development of the cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp sectors is the potential for immense profits. However, these opportunities bring with them unique risks and challenges unprecedented in non-cannabis businesses. For those pioneers brave enough to change the course of history, RELAW GREEN is here to empower your journey.

    Our Promise

    Protecting and growing our clients’ businesses has always been our top priority. To deliver on this promise, RELAW GREEN stays committed to providing:

    1. The highest level of customer service
    2. Quick responses to client queries and requests
    3. Open and honest communication

    Practices that Enable Client Success

    In the turbulent cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp sectors, segregating the business from the owner(s) is paramount due to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the industry. For maximum protection and the greatest strategic leverage, it is crucial to consider the regulatory guidelines of the industry and the long-term goals of the business when forming an entity.


    The sale of property from one person or entity to another in the cannabis industry involves complicated dilemmas unique to the enterprise. As a result, these transactions demand special attention, skills, and knowledge. In other words, they require industry-specific expertise to guide the deals seamlessly through each stage of the sales cycle to a prosperous conclusion.

    Properly preparing and maintaining contracts, policies and procedures, deeds and estate-related documents, as well as compliance documentation, is vital to the viability of any business. However, in the highly regulated and ever-changing cannabis industry, a well-documented and thorough paper trail is of paramount importance to avoiding or overcoming legal catastrophes.


    Due to the tumultuous nature of the industry, cannabis companies not large enough to have in-house counsel need a legal partner who is going to battle for their business. Whether it is assisting with the formation of a business, support running and managing the company or aid in mitigating risks and managing disputes, business owners need a trusted legal partner.

    As a result of the federal complications, cannabis legal cases introduce industry-specific hurdles that demand specialized expertise. Cannabis businesses require attorneys who possess extensive knowledge of cannabis business law, who are business-minded and understand the importance of resolving the dispute as effectively as possible.


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