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    Empowering the Cannabis Community


    Cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers—these modern-day industrialists are trailblazing in the booming cannabis industry. Accompanying them and the development of the cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp sectors is the potential for immense profits. However, these opportunities bring with them unique risks and challenges unprecedented in non-cannabis businesses. But for those pioneers brave enough to change the course of history, RELAW GREEN is here to empower your journey.

    RELAW GREEN is committed to protecting and growing our clients’ businesses, which we accomplish through two fundamental pillars. The first is to educate clients on the legal and regulatory requirements of operating a cannabis business. It is this central information that lays the foundation for making prudent business decisions. Next, we work to establish and implement best-practices specific to the industry—practices that safeguard our clients’ futures while also setting them up for higher levels of success. Ultimately, our experts work side-by-side with clients to keep them informed of all their available options—enabling them to capitalize on cannabis.

    As a cannabis-specific division of RELAW, APC, RELAW GREEN first gained experience working in the industry by managing real estate and business transactions for large cannabis deals. Since that initial work, we have sharpened our expertise to advise on nearly all aspects of forming, managing, and buying or selling cannabis businesses—learn more about our practice areas here. While we call Southern California home, we have a reputation for serving clients—large and small—across the nation. For those interested in learning more about our past and recent work, give us a call (805) RE-GREEN, or take a look at our client testimonials.

    Our Promise

    Protecting and growing our clients’ businesses has always been our top priority. To deliver on this promise, RELAW GREEN stays committed to providing:

    1. The highest level of customer service
    2. Quick responses to client queries and requests
    3. Open and honest communication

    Our TeAm

    Our experts work to ensure that your business and its professional reputation is protected and that you stay on good terms with customers and regulators. Whether you need simple documents prepared, questions answered, situations resolved, or need to defend yourself in court, you can trust the experts at RELAW GREEN to fight for your business like it was our own.


    Jennifer Felten, Esq.

    Principal Owner and Attorney
    Jennifer Felten has been working in the real estate industry since 1993. Starting out in customer service at a title company, she worked her way into the escrow side of the business, where she worked as an escrow officer, manager and trainer.

    Timothy Camarena, Esq.

    Associate Attorney
    Timothy S. Camarena has been practicing law in Ventura County for over thirty years. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Tim moved to Northern California in 1972 to attend the University of California.

    Wesley Williams

    Of Counsel
    Wesley (“Wes”) Williams, Esq. was admitted to the State Bar of California in March of 2010. Since then, he has served several clients including property owners, title insurance companies, trustees, title and escrow agencies and lenders in a wide variety of business, real estate, licensing, regulatory compliance and insurance coverage issues.

    Neil M. Popowitz, Esq.

    Managing Attorney
    Neil M. Popowitz is an accomplished, entrepreneurial, results-oriented Attorney/MBA with 30 plus years of experience in real property, zoning, land use, contracting and negotiation, litigation, law and motion, writs and appellate practice, human resources and employment, as well as furnishing strategic business and legal counsel while working directly with senior management and international clientele, with a proven track record as a large company and start-up General Counsel.


    Fred Felten, MBA

    Operations Manager
    Fred Felten was born and raised in Southern Indiana. In 1998, he graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree.

    Judy Daley-Lovett

    Legal Assistant
    Judy was born and raised in Columbus, OH and then moved to Colorado where she resided for 25 years. For about 18 of those years, she worked in every capacity of the real estate industry.

    Janelle Hollingsworth

    Legal Secretary
    Janelle Hollingsworth was born in Singapore and was raised and resided mostly in California over the last 40+ years. Janelle has over 20+ years of diverse experience in law, financial, and real estate firms.

    Chloe Nichols

    Legal Assistant
    Chloe Nichols has been working as a legal assistant for several years and aspires to practice Real Estate law in the future. After graduating from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks with a degree in Philosophy, Chloe went on to work as a legal assistant in many different areas, including collections, business, and municipal law.

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