Gain Control Over
COVID-19 Setbacks

COVID-19 has revealed two breeds of businesses. One—we'll call Lions—is actively hunting for solutions to survive. The other—we'll call Ostriches—is avoiding reality with their heads in the sand. You don't want to be the latter.



Download the Survival Masterclass to gain control over COVID-19 setbacks.

    Lions vs. Ostriches

    COVID-19 has exposed two breeds of businesses: Lions and Ostriches. The Lions are taking control of the situation, actively on the prowl for solutions that guarantee their survival. The Ostriches are letting the situation control their fate—relying on the hope that all will return to normal. The difference in these mindsets will determine who survives and thrives in the age of COVID-19.

    COVID-19 Survival Masterclass

      For the Lions on the hunt, survival will require venturing into unknown territory. As with all unknowns, the journey will be difficult, and there will be setbacks. But, as the Lion knows all too well, a failure to act means you starve. So the journey must be undertaken. Still, you don't have to go alone. Join the pack with our COVID-19 Survival Masterclass.

      What You'll Learn

      Taking control of the unfolding situation is how businesses will survive COVID-19. The first step to gaining this control is to have a plan on how to function in the age of COVID-19. With all the uncertainty and moving parts, starting the plan can seem overwhelming. But the reality is you need only focus on five essential pillars. Focus on the pillars below, and you'll have covered the vital facets that'll get your business through the crisis. Download our COVID-19 Survival Masterclass and learn how to incorporate each pillar into a plan you can implement today.

      • Complying With New Guidelines & Regulations
      • Mitigating Legal Risks
      • Implementing Essential Protocols
      • When & How to Downsize
      • Cannabis Loan Options
      • Credit Card Processing

      Downloadable Continuity Plan Template

      Ask any business leader, and they'll agree that what gets documented gets done. That's why we don't want only to give you the knowledge of what to do. We want you to have a documented blueprint of how it's going to get done. That’s why we included an editable action plan template with the masterclass. Fill in the plan as you follow along, and you'll have a tangible survival blueprint that documents:

      • Planning Activities
      • Business Issues to Address
      • Measures to Underpin Continuity
      • Responding to Workplace Risks Due to COVID-19

      COVID-19 Survival Masterclass

        Meet Your Instructor

        As a business-first law firm, we recognized the importance of crafting guidance from a business perspective, not just a legal perspective. So to lead the course, we've enlisted Relaw Green's founder and entrepreneur, Jennifer Felten. As a business-minded attorney, Jennifer discloses the same insights she shares with her clients. Download her masterclass, and learn what other cannabis companies are doing today to survive COVID-19.


        Jennifer Felten, Esq.

        Cannabis & Business Law Attorney

        COVID-19 has revealed two breeds of businesses. One is responding proactively to ensure they survive. The other is relying on hope and letting the situation dictate their fate.
        You don't want to be the latter.

        Take control of how your business reacts to COVID-19 setbacks. Download the free COVID-19 Survival Masterclass for a comprehensive guide on enduring the crisis.


        Download the Survival Masterclass to gain control over COVID-19 setbacks.