Poor cash flow systems put canna-companies at higher risk during COVID-19

Cannabis companies that lack healthysystems for money management risk exacerbating COVID-19 setbacks.


Gain an expert-level understanding of canna-cash flow best practices in our free masterclass.

    Controlling Your Cash

    COVID-19 is pushing businesses further and further into risky territory. And while companies can't do much more than react, they can control how they're reacting. One component of a praiseworthy reaction is to bring stability to the areas of the business you can control. For cannabis companies, this means strengthening, or implementing, viable money management procedures.

    Canna-Cash Flow Masterclass

      Handling the money in and out of a cannabis business has always been a difficult task. But in today's unstable environment, money management problems can quickly exacerbate the hardships caused by COVID-19. Today's companies need to focus on the health crisis, not a cash flow crisis. So we've engaged two cannabis transactional attorneys to give businesses a comprehensive manual on canna-cash flow. This masterclass is free and shares the systems canna-businesses are using today to handle cash through the crisis. Download the course for your comprehensive cash handling blueprint.

      What You'll Learn

      The ugly truth is that money management for cannabis businesses isn't easy, and COVID-19 has only made it worse. Plus, with bad (often illegal) advice circulating the industry, finding a legitimate solution can feel hopeless. But hope is what we need right now. So we developed a masterclass to give canna-businesses practical guidance they can implement today and restore their confidence. Advice on topics such as:

      • Handling Cash in the Age of COVID-19
      • Money Management Policies & Procedures
      • Securing a Bank Account
      • Banks vs. Credit Unions
      • Credit Card Processing

      Download the free COVID-19 Canna-Cash Flow Masterclass

      A cash flow crisis is the last thing a business needs during a health crisis.


      Canna-Cash Flow Masterclass

        Meet the Experts

        Offering canna-cash flow solutions would be pointless if they didn't fall within the confines of the law. So we've asked Jennifer Felten and Kenneth Berke—pre-eminent cannabis transactional attorneys—to teach the course. Over 30 years of experience guides the discussion, as the two explore the options available to cannabis businesses today. For a full analysis of canna-cash flow solutions, and guidance on how to implement them, download Jennifer's and Kenneth's masterclass.


        Kenneth Berke, Esq.

        Cannabis Transactional Attorney &
        Co-Founder of PayQwick


        Jennifer Felten, Esq.

        Cannabis & Business Law Attorney
        Specializing in Escrow & Property

        With problems slowly piling up because of COVID-19, the last thing a canna-business needs is a money management fiasco.

        Yes, handling cannabis-cash has always been problematic. But there are viable solutions canna-businesses are using today. And because of their cash flow systems, these businesses have more bandwidth to tackle COVID-19 setbacks. Discover these systems in our free Canna-Cash Flow Masterclass. Download the class, and in 30-minutes, you'll have an expert-level understanding of canna-cash flow best practices.

        Gain an expert-level understanding of canna-cash flow best practices in our free masterclass.