Insurance Claims & Court Remedies for COVID-19 Business Interruptions

Finding that carriers are merely saying "no" to business interruption claims, policyholders need to take specific steps to strengthen their arguments for compensation.


Don’t settle for “no”

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    The Harsh Reality

    The harsh reality is setting in—insurers have no intention of paying claims for business interruptions caused by COVID-19. The reality is sickening for policyholders who've diligently paid their premiums. However, for the insurers who intend to let the situations play out in court, the result may not be as favorable as they expect. Learn what cases are unfolding positively for policyholders and the steps you can take now to strengthen your claim in our free masterclass.

    COVID-19 Business Interruptions Insurance Claims & Court Remedies


      Don't Let "No" Stop You

      Even if the carrier's response is going to be "no," that doesn't mean you should be inclined not to move forward with filing a claim. Many of the steps you take today play a critical role in enhancing your chances of future compensation. Furthermore, with new arguments arising, and many more to come, businesses are finding they have more options than they initially assumed. Consequently, it's these options that might be the lifeboat for the companies counting on insurance.

      What You'll Learn

      The companies that want to maximize support from insurers will require knowledge in two areas. The first is the knowledge of one's current policies and an understanding of the options it offers. The second is an awareness of the critical cases unfolding that are creating favorable precedents for policyholders. Knowing what to look for isn't easy, so we produced a free masterclass to teach businesses what to analyze. Download it, and you'll know exactly what to look for in your current policy while also having a thorough understanding of what's shaping court precedents.

      COVID-19 Business Interruptions Insurance Claims & Court Remedies

        Practical Guidance

        To most, going up against big insurance companies seems comparable to running the gauntlet. So to counter the gauntlet, we've enlisted the expertise of David Gauntlett—a pre-eminent national authority on policyholder coverage recovery. Utilizing his 25 years of experience and basing his suggestions on the unfolding environment, David simplifies the matter at hand to provide practical guidance. In short, David's discussion is for any policyholder looking at their coverage and wondering, "What are the next steps?"


        David A. Gauntlett, Esq.

        Pre-Eminent National Authority on
        Policyholder Coverage Recovery

        Don't settle for "no" when your insurers initially don't want to pay your claim

        You don't have to be intimidated by big insurance companies. Our masterclass will teach you what critical factors are influencing compensation decisions. Download it today for practical guidance on the steps to take when insurers say no.

        Don’t settle for “no”

        Download our masterclass to learn how to strengthen your claim