California's New Regulations Help & Harm the Real Estate Market

The state's new real estate guidelines and regulations come with nasty side effects.


Don't jeopardize your real estate's health

Download our masterclass to learn what's helping & harming CA real estate.

    A Sickly Real Estate Market

    The California shutdown has led to less than subpar conditions for its real estate market. Yes, the government and trade associations quickly enacted new guidelines and regulations to protect buyers and sellers. But many of these new "safety-nets" created more challenges than they solved.

    Those in California real estate are finding their livelihood threatened by the state's new guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, many of these failsafe solutions can quickly become shackles dragging one to their demise if not correctly managed. That's not to say that all these changes are bad. However, it's crucial they're impact is understood if one is to benefit rather than suffer from them.

    California's New Real Estate Regulations Masterclass

      What You'll Learn

      California's new guidelines and regulations bring with them a slew of new contingencies that have created a veil of confusion in the market. The sheer number of these changes is staggering. But we've produced a masterclass with the key changes to know and understand. We also included a deep dive into the implications of these changes and the obstacles they create. Download our masterclass, and you'll learn the essential details of:

      • Coronavirus Addendums & New Public Emergency Forms
      • Force Majeure & California Law
      • Foreclosure Forbearance
      • California's 90 Day Eviction Moratorium
      • 1031 Exchange Deadlines Extension


      California's New Real Estate Regulations Masterclass

        Meet the Experts

        Equally important to analyzing these changes is to understand their common misconceptions. So we've engaged the expertise of Jennifer Felten and Bob Irish. The two real estate specialists take an in-depth exploration of the new changes while addressing the many pitfalls associated with them. Finally, no real estate masterclass would be complete without a discussion of market projections. Watch the masterclass and get the same insights these experts are sharing with clients.


        Bob Irish

        Cannabis Business Broker Specializing in Buying & Selling Cannabis Properties & Founder of Canna Growth Partners


        Jennifer Felten, Esq.

        Real Estate Attorney Specializing in Escrow & Title, Subdivision, Estate & Probate, & Landlord-Tenant Law

        The state's new rules help & harm the California real estate market

        With each new change comes the possibility for either a better or worse outcome. Which outcome one experiences depends upon their knowledge of the new regulations. Equally important is having insight into how best to approach these changes depending on the situation. Find guidance on how to improve your outcome in our free masterclass.

        Don't jeopardize your real estate's health

        Download our masterclass to learn what's helping & harming CA real estate.