Federal & CA Tax Law Changes Impact Canna-Companies

The COVID-19 tax extensions present a strategic advantage for those who know how to seize the opportunity.


Maximize extension benefits

Download the Tax Extension Action Plan masterclass.

    What's Important to Understand

    As one of the few lucky sectors still receiving business during the pandemic, cannabis companies find themselves in a unique position. Able to delay, these businesses now have the option to use the extra time and money to their advantage. However, that's not to say that all canna-businesses will or can benefit from the opportunities.

    Benefiting from tax extensions requires knowledge in two key areas. The first is a thorough understanding of the various extensions and the new parameters they bring. The second is an understanding of how best to utilize these extensions to benefit a business's current operations.

    Tax Extension Action Plan Masterclass

      What You'll Learn

      If canna-businesses wish to take advantage of new tax changes, they must answer, "How do we strategically use the time and money we gain through postponements?" Answering that question requires understanding each of the changes laid out below. To learn more about these changes, download our free masterclass.

      • California’s Sales Tax Reprieve as a Bridge Loan
      • Cannabis Sales & Excise Tax Extensions
      • California’s Tax Day Extension
      • Employer Payroll Tax Payment Extension
      • IRS Filing Deadline Extension
      • The Franchise Tax Board Deadline Extensions


      Tax Extension Action Plan Masterclass

        Meet the Experts

        For guidance on navigating tax extensions, we've turned to cannabis-CPA, Bruce Andersen. A founding partner of Cannabis CPA Tax, Bruce utilizes his 30+ years of experience to advise on the tax extensions. Download the masterclass, and follow along as Bruce walks businesses through the critical details of the new tax guidelines.


        Bruce Andersen

        MBA, MS (Tax), CPA


        For those interested in benefiting from the new federal and state tax laws, RELAW Green has partnered with cannabis-CPA Bruce Andersen to produce a free masterclass. This 30-minute crash course walks canna-businesses through the details of the new tax guidelines and reviews its impact on various operations. The masterclass also covers eligibility requirements and analyzes how other government programs limit or enhance extensions. To get the expert's opinion on how to utilize tax extensions, download the masterclass.

        Maximize extension benefits

        Download the Tax Extension Action Plan masterclass.