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If our educational repository did not solve your problem, here is how we can assist your cannabis business.

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    Corporate Formation

    All business owners benefit from the formation of a separate legal entity. However, in the turbulent cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp sectors, segregating the business from the owner(s) is paramount due to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the industry. In the cannabis space, we create entities for businesses in any phase of the cannabis process: cultivation, processing, transportation, and distribution. To ensure the entity supports the long-term strategy of the company, RELAW GREEN takes a holistic approach to corporate formation. An approach that considers the regulatory guidelines of the industry and the long-term goals of the business and employs that information to establish an entity that provides the maximum protection and greatest strategic leverage.

    For one flat fee, our corporate formation services include:

    • Filing of documents with the regulatory body to create the entity
    • Preparation of the paperwork attendant to formation including bylaws and minutes (for a corporation) or an operating agreement (for limited liability companies)
    • Assistance with obtaining an EIN (Tax Identification Number)
    • Filing corporate tax election forms
    • (In California) Assistance in the filing of the Statement of Information as required by the Secretary of State

    Property Transactions

    Property transactions—the sale of property from one person or entity to another—in the cannabis industry involve specific issues unique to the industry. We consider it our duty to address these issues, employing all the tools in the toolbox to seamlessly guide the transaction(s) through each stage of the sales cycle. Whether it be real property (land) or the sale of a cannabis business itself, RELAW GREEN contributes to a transaction’s successful conclusion in multiple capacities. From negotiating and drafting the sales agreement to handling the funds relative to completing the transaction, we toil in the deal, so our clients thrive from the outcome.

    Document Preparation

    Preparing and maintaining proper contracts, policies and procedures, deeds and estate-related documents, as well as compliance documentation, might be an operational headache. However, having a well-documented and thorough paper trail is still the most effective way to safeguard a business from legal disasters. Fortunately, RELAW GREEN has a suite of services—with straightforward pricing—that make performing these vital activities painless.

    Depending on the client’s desired outcome, our document services include:

    • Contracts
    • Company policies and procedures
    • Employee manuals
    • Corporate documents
    • Compliance documents
    • Purchase agreements
    • Transactional documents

    Outside General Counsel

    The tumultuous nature of the industry requires that cannabis companies not large enough to have in-house counsel find an outside legal partner who is going to battle for their business. Whether it is assistance with forming your business, support running and managing the company or aid in mitigating risk and managing disputes, business owners need a trusted legal partner—a partner who cares about the business, not about the number of hours they can bill.

    RELAW GREEN provides an array of legal services on an as-needed or part-time basis to assist with various issues, such as:

    • Corporate formation and governance
    • Internal and external dispute management
    • Document drafting
    • Document review
    • Employment issues
    • Litigation defense


    As a result of the federal complications, cannabis legal cases introduce industry-specific hurdles that demand specialized expertise. In regards to civil court and administrative law court (our areas of expertise), businesses need attorneys who possess extensive knowledge of cannabis business law. However, it is equally crucial that those attorneys are business-minded and understand the importance of resolving the dispute as effectively as possible.

    Our core philosophy, as it relates to case management, is to strive for the best result possible for our clients in the quickest amount of time with the least cost and risk possible. Accordingly, we provide an initial analysis upon taking on a new litigated matter, which includes an anticipated budget. We follow up on this initial work with regular status updates, where we discuss the viability of alternative dispute resolutions, including mediation or arbitration (when appropriate). Finally, we also implement the use of procedural process through legal motions (when appropriate) to avoid the costs and time associated with an actual trial.

    The cases we handle in civil court primarily include:

    • Contract disputes
    • Fund disputes
    • Real property claims
    • Claims of tortious activity (i.e., wrongful acts leading to civil legal liability)

    The cases we handle in administrative law court primarily include:

    • Defending companies from actions taken against them by their regulator

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